Selected Poems


Something unexpected.

Does it change the perspective?
Does it challenge the belief?
A little?
Just a tiny bit?

Maybe a question mark,
where there has always been a point?



A poem each day? What’s the use?
Writing something down that I’m afraid to lose?
An instant, a memory, a thought,
something I once was taught.

A pen, a paper, a brush,
I pick up in a rush
to put the pictures down
that don’t leave me alone.

Trying to make my soul visible,
the effect is either none,
or it's so overwhelming and strong
that escaping is impossible.

Telling about where I've been,
 but always failing to come near
this haunting reality.

Eventually, most images remain unseen,
and honest words remain unread 
until they slowly disappear
again, in me.

I turn to them, every now and then,
to reassure myself: I am.


White Walls

They start walking,
without knowing what's right or wrong.
Feet hardly touch the floor,
just trying to reach what they are looking for.

No one knows 
where they are coming from,
where they are going to.
No one ever asks!

And broken windows
are all over the place
Mysterious shadows stealing space.
Just the walls are still white...